Bamboo Garden

Though the art of what we create at WDS - Designer Natural Shades is intricate, our materials are simple. We hand-weave from plants and grasses mostly indigenous to China and Vietnam, that are sustainably grown and harvested. The utilization of traditional hand-looms for weaving our natural fiber products as opposed to energy consumptive machinery means there is very little waste in our production process.

So, why is it so important to use sustainably grown grasses in woven wood products? Because everyone and everything benefits - people, plants and our planet.

Most of the natural fibers found in hand-woven shades renew in just a matter of months. Several of the fibers used by WDS Designer Natural Shades are employed around the world to prevent soil erosion and to aid in land restoration. Vetiver, arrowroot, hemp and bamboo are just a few of the many rapidly renewable natural fibers used in our shade designs. All of these naturally occurring products require no pesticide or artificial fertilizers for growth stimulus. Further, woven wood shades use very little plastic in their overall aesthetics and draw on silicon-based glues for adhesion.

The benefits of using an eco-friendly window treatment transcend the production process. Naturally woven shades aid in the reduction of electricity consumption for cooling and lighting a residence. Natural fibers such as flax and hemp are highly durable and resistant to ultraviolet exposure. Bamboo is 100% bio-degradable and upon disposal actually helps the environment rather than harm it. Many of our patterns exhibit a gorgeous, innate sheen that adds to the overall beauty of the window treatment.

In the end, WDS - Designer Natural Shades window treatments can be part of a general interior design strategy to improve the home and global environment. Woven woods shades may be particularly helpful as they naturally filter light, aid in cooling living spaces and still provide privacy. Grass weaves, bamboo reeds and sheer linen shades are easily recycled and in general provide a wonderful option to adorning windows!